The Connected/Smart Home is here and over 50% of Americans have are currently using Smart devices in their homes.

  • Smart TV’s can access the Internet to steam movies (with 4K UHD picture quality) and TV programs.
  • Security systems, thermostats, and lighting can all be controlled remotely by the homeowner from anywhere there is internet access.
  • Apple TV, computers, and security cameras are accessible by any TV in the home with whole house video distribution.
  • Connected Smart Homes have the ability for smart phones and tablets to stream content (via WiFi) from providers such as Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, Apple, etc. It also allows products like Sonos to stream the music stored on your computer to every room in your home for whole house audio.

All of these Connected Smart Home capabilities have one common trait. They ALL use your home network to provide a stable and powerful pipeline for their capabilities.


pakedge-access-pointThe number of Wi-Fi capable smart phones and tablets in homes has taxed the capabilities and bandwidth of the existing WiFi networks. Many consumers are finding the signal quality and coverage of their existing Wi-Fi system is inadequate, or non-existent, in many parts of their homes. The demand of the Connected Smart Home devices is very high and it has pushed beyond the limits of the traditional home network to new levels of performance. The obsolescence of existing network technology is very apparent if you have tried to stream 4K content from Netflix or Amazon.

The 21st century home has surpassed the abilities of traditional networks and uses a robust enterprise class network to keep up with current demand and future expectations of performance. As an authorized Pakedge dealer, our networking products and services range from advanced routers, managed gigabit switches, and enterprise level wireless solutions, all working in harmony to provide a stable, secure, and high performance network with AC speeds. Our network technician staff is Microsoft Certified. We can evaluate your existing network and explain (in plain English) what needs to be done to correct any problems you may be having or how to increase its performance.

Smart phones and tablets in the Connected Smart Home can also be used to control your entire home. The Bitwise and Control4 home automation controllers allow control of all of your AV components, lighting, thermostats, door locks, security system, cameras, and more for less money than traditional home automation manufacturers. You can even securely control these items from anywhere you can get internet access.