Whether you are interested in a very simple system:

perhaps a flat-panel display with a set of surround sound speakers, or a full-blown, dedicated 3D, high-res 4K Home Theater, you’ll find we select only those products known for their performance, reliability, and value. And unlike many integrators who buy through distribution, we purchase our products direct from the manufacturers, and through a national buyers’ group so we can offer them at very competitive prices.

What is Surround Sound?
Surround Sound is a type of audio output in which the sound appears to “surround the listener” 360 degrees. Any Surround Sound system can dramatically improve the audio experience beyond the best TV speakers. These systems improve the articulation and detail of the sound particularly at lower volume levels.There are three categories of Surround system designs, and each represents a different class of interactive experience with the media you are enjoying. The incremental improvement of the audio of each class significantly enhances the overall experience. Each of these can also be integrated with Gaming, 3D, and Ultra HD (4K) components by making specific considerations to the usable space and/or viewing angles.
Each of these can also be integrated with Gaming, 3D, and Ultra HD (4K) components by making specific considerations to the usable space and/or viewing angles.


A basic multi-channel audio system that uses three, or more, speakers that physically, or psycho-acoustically, create an environment of surrounding sound and directional audio sources. Surround sound can be either an analog or digital system, and can be added to any size TV picture. 


The definition for “Media Room” is broad and is used by some interchangeably with “Home Theater”. We consider a “Media Room” to be a dual purpose room, usually a Living or Family room designed in a “lifestyle” fashion. Normally includes a larger TV (50”+) and a minimum 5.1 channel Surround Sound system. 


A room, or space, dedicated to the singular purpose of immersing the user into an environment that closely resembles that of a commercial theater. In most cases the screen is 70”+ and the audio is 5.1 channel Surround Sound at minimum, but normally 7.2 channels.

Each of the three classes can dramatically improve your Media viewing experience. Not sure which one’s right for you? We can help. Just tell us what you envision for your home. Tell us what your budget is, and if you have any existing equipment you want to use.


Better than going out

We also offer all of the extras that can bring the movie theater experience into your home. Your home theater installation can include:

  • Affordable media control utilizing a tablet or smart phone to make your new system super-easy to use.
  • A robust home network will allow you to stream all your media content (movies, music, HDTV, IPTV, photographs and videos) throughout your whole house, and outdoor areas.
  • Lighting control for one touch mood setting.
  • Acoustical treatments for the best possible sound.

A home theater installation offers a better experience than going out to the movies. Lose the crowds, the lines, the overpriced snacks and those annoying commercials they play before the movie begins.

The picture is better – the sound is better – it’s just a better idea!