Lighting Control

We are a Lutron dealer for lighting, HVAC, and Shade control, but we also carry a variety of Z-Wave light switches that are used in conjunction with several security based automation systems and hand held RF remotes.
With a Lutron system, and the clients input, we can program preset lighting scenes to allow one touch mood setting environments for movie watching, entertaining, bed time, etc. The most popular preset creates randomly timed lighting patterns throughout the home to let burglars know you are home, even when you aren’t. We can fully automate your system to turn outside lights ON/OFF based on published local sunset/sunrise times. When combined with our security systems, we can program all outside lights to turn ON during an alarm event. We even flash the front porch light repeatedly to quickly catch the attention of responding authorities and/or neighbors.



And if all that seems like too much to control, we can add occupancy sensors so you never need to control a light – the room lights turn ON when you’re there, and turn OFF when you’re not. These features are available for LED lighting as well as incandescent. If you’re building a home, the switch to LED lighting, occupancy sensors, and thoughtful scene programming can really make a difference and save you money on your energy bill.