Structured Wiring (New construction & remodel)

Wiring is the backbone for all the low voltage in your home. A structured wiring package is designed to provide the most comprehensive yet flexible and cost effective method to wire for electronics in your home. Telephone, Television, and Alarm are the basics of a structured wiring package and usually what the builder provides. But preparing your new home for Surround Sound, house audio, outdoor speakers, improved indoor cell phone reception, Wi-Fi coverage, etc., should be done when its relatively cheap, BEFORE the sheetrock goes up. We encourage everyone building or remodeling any home, or commercial space, to investigate what should be done to prepare for the technologies you want, or need, and for those new technologies that are coming our way.

Equipment Storage Planning

installerIt is important to have the proper environment for equipment storage to insure long and reliable service, ease of use and maintenance, and visual aesthetics. Today’s electronics generate more heat than ever before, so adequate ventilation has become the most critical design factor for equipment storage. Other considerations like wire management, serviceability, and ergonomics also play a part in equipment storage. At Home Entertainment we have years of equipment storage planning experience. From built-in cabinets, to closets, to custom racks, we can optimize any equipment storage location to provide you the performance you deserve.

Installation & Support

If you are having trouble with your existing system, or interested in integrating new components in your existing system, call us, whether you bought from us or not. Many of our clients want to update portions of their system and have run into problems because of incompatibility in the hardware. This is primarily due to the introduction of the HDMI standard (High Definition Media Interface) that has been adopted by most manufacturers in the last 5 years which does not easily lend itself to backwards compatibility. If you need simple upgrades, and are being told you have to buy more than you think is necessary to make a simple upgrade, call us. Many times we can address your concerns over the phone.

Systems Integration & Diagnostics

If your home has multiple low voltage subsystems (lighting control, audio distribution, video distribution, home network, telephone and/or intercom systems, etc) and you are having problems, we want to help, whether you bought them from us or not. We are experts in system diagnostics and have years of experience tracking down those unwanted “gremlins” that can surface in homes with multiple low voltage subsystems.