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Better Sound

Better Sound starts with better components from the finest manufacturers. The products we have chosen to offer our clients are among the most respected in the industry, known for their outstanding performance, long-term reliability, ease of use, and ability to adapt to future needs.

  • McIntosh Labs (Made in USA) delivers expensive home theater systems, high end audio, lifestyle audio including speakers, amplifiers, preamplifiers, processors & car sources. McIntosh audio engineers manufacture world class audio products for audio enthusiast. Home theater systems collection are awesome just have a look.
    Visit the McIntosh website to learn more about the McIntosh product line.

  • You can buy the very same models the Pros use and you don’t have to be an engineer to hear how great they sound. Our commitment to quality is as evident in all of our product lines.

    Visit the PARASOUND website.

  • Anthem products allow you to virtually ‘be there’ every time you listen to a favorite piece of recorded music or experience the excitement of surround-sound home theater. Their reputation in analog and digital design is legendary and their products continue to receive industry awards and acclaim in the finest magazines. Around the world, Anthem is consistently the brand of choice for leaders in the field of music and entertainment.
    Visit the Anthem website to learn more about the the Anthem product line.

  • Integra offers a premium line of audio/video components that home theater enthusiasts love. In addition to outstanding performance, their receivers, separates, and DVD players set new standards for system integration, upgrade capability, and multi-room expansion.
    Visit the Integra website to learn more about the Integra product line.

  • Sony Z-Series receivers are the highest grade built by Sony. Every detail has been scrutinized and tuned in the higher interest of reliably consistent sound performance. Z-Series receivers support HDCP 2.2 pass-through and are compatible with current and future 4K content standards. And all come with an industry leading 5-year parts and labor warranty.

    Visit the Sony Website.

  • At Marantz, we have only one philosophy: “Because Music Matters.”

    Visit the Marantz website.

  • Denon founded in 1910 is a Japanese electronics that was involved in the early stages of development of digital audio technology, and is a leading supplier of CI compatible products.

    Visit the Denon website.

  • GoldenEar fully utilizes all its combined experience to deliver more sonic superiority, with performance that is often unequalled in competitors’ speakers. Most importantly, the signature GoldenEar sound is consistent through all of our loudspeakers, regardless of price.
    Visit the GoldenEar website to learn more about the GoldenEar product line.

  • Sonus Faber loudspeakers are the brainchild of Franco Serblin, a man of remarkable taste who remains the chief designer and creative force behind the company. The name Sonus faber is derived from Latin and means “handcrafted sound,” a perfectly apt description of the products.
    Visit the Sonus Faber website to learn more about the Sonus faber product line.

  • Monitor Audio Ltd is a British owned and managed global specialist in hi-fi loudspeaker design. For over 40 years we’ve been incorporating stereo and surround sound systems and a range of sonically matched architectural speakers for ultra-discreet high quality sound around the home and outside.

    Visit the Monitor Audio website.

  • Triad is a unique speaker manufacturer that offers far more custom solutions than any other speaker company. There are so many offerings Triad has that we thought we would list them here, in a short summation.
    Visit the Triad Speakers website to learn more about the Triad Speakers product line.

  • The genesis of something, very, very special occurred in a tiny tin shed in Hope, Arkansas in 1946  when Paul W. Klipsch, genius, madman and maverick, designed and hand-built the legendary Klipschorn® speaker with the goal of bringing live music into his living room…

    Visit the Klipsch website.

  • Definitive Technology’s award-winning loudspeakers combine advanced patented technology and world-class build quality to deliver incredible sonic performance and unequalled value.
    Visit the Definitive Technology website to learn more about the Definitive Technology product line.

  • Signature Series have the BEST SOUND?(died and gone to heaven sound!) Designed, engineered and manufactured in North America, the Signature Series represents Paradigm’s entry into what Audio Video Revolution refers to as “the dominion of the highest end.” Not only a cost-no-object approach to speaker design, but an approach that has at its heart, the quest for the ultimate in sound reproduction. A higher level of transparency. A level that demands not only fine component parts, but the very finest …
    Visit the Paradigm website to learn more about the Paradigm product line.

  • Every audio enthusiast’s goal is to achieve effortless, articulate and dynamic bass that supports musical and cinematic presentations with equal aplomb. JL Audio powered subwoofers are designed and built to achieve unprecedented performance in all those areas within reasonably sized, beautifully crafted packages. Visit the JL Audio website.

  • REL has one of the fastest growing product ranges in the entire high end with strong international partnerships all over the world and acclaim coming from virtually every high end audio and home theater magazine. At its cornerstone, fundamental reliability remains its core strength, blended with a unique approach to design that results in what many consider the most musical and powerful sounding subwoofers available. Visit the REL Acoustics website.

  • The new-born of the group is a combination of the great expertise of the Sumiko team within the Hi End sector and with subwoofers, along with Sonus Faber’s electro-acoustic know how.

    Visit the Sumiko Woofers website.

  • If you love music, you’ll love Sonos. It’s as simple as that. Because only Sonos makes it so easy to add music to your life. In one room. Or many. Playing the music you own or endless songs and stations streaming from the internet. It’s a wireless multi-room music system unlike any other. One that sets up instantly and expands effortlessly. So, are you ready to experience Sonos?
    Visit Sonos’ website to learn more about Sonos’ product line or checkout our Media Servers section to find out about our Sonos-related services.

  • Since the early 1900’s Thorens has manufactured some of the finest turntables in the industry. Currently they have over 13 models (some in various colors) that are the best performance and value at their price points.

    Visit the Thorens website.

  • Pro-Ject Manufactures turntables in a wide range of prices, and all are designed to offer best possible sound in their respective price range.

    Visit the Pro-Ject website.

  • SolidDrive from Induction Dynamics transforms walls, windows, tables and other solid surfaces into a loudspeaker. SolidDrive installs directly behind walls, so you see nothing – no speakers, no grills, no wires – making them truly invisible.
    Visit the SolidDrive website to learn more about the SolidDrive product line.

  • OutCast weather-resistant, wireless speaker lets you enjoy rich multi-directional stereo sound throughout your house, in your yard, on your patio and even on your boat. With broadcast range of up to 350 feet, this powerful wireless speaker receives transmissions through walls, floors, and ceilings without the hassle of running wires.
    Visit the Soundcast website to learn more about the Soundcast product line.

Better Picture

Better Picture comes from understanding the latest 4K High Definition TV (or UltraHD) products during this period of evolving and improving technology. We are experts when it comes to this new video technology. The video products we have chosen to offer our clients are among the most respected in the industry, known for their innovation, reliability, performance, and ability to adapt to future needs.

  • Sony Television and Video products are legendary. With the advent of HDTV, Sony is advancing TV technology once again. Click here or on the image to learn more about the Sony product line.
    Visit our Sony page to learn more about the Sony product line.

  • Samsung’s new generation of LCD TVs represent the ultimate in flexibility, picture quality, style, and value. Revolutionary DNle technology delivers crystal-clear images that reveal even the most minute detail.
    Visit the Samsung website to learn more about the Samsung TV product line. Home Entertainment, Inc. is a Samsung Video vendor.

  • Engineered to deliver full 1080p resolution, the Epson PowerLite Pro Cinema 1080 combines five revolutionary innovations in one remarkable performer.
    Visit the Epson website to learn more about the Epson projector line.

  • Stewart Filmscreen provides the ultimate home theater experience. It only makes sense to have an Academy Award-winning Stewart Filmscreen as the centerpiece of your home cinema. With mulit-aspect ratio electric masking panels and acoustically transparent screens, Stewart Filmscreen puts the finishing touch on your home theater, with superior craftsmenship and high quality screen materials.
    Visit the Stewart Filmscreen website to learn more about the Stewart Filmscreen product line.

  • Screen Innovations (SI) is a leading manufacturer of projection screen technologies for residential and commercial applications. Delivering needed solutions, aesthetically pleasing designs and competitive price points, SI screens provide unparalleled ambient light rejection and video image reproduction.
    Visit the Screen Innovations website to learn more about the Screen Innovations product line.

  • Elite Prime Vision, a division of Elite Screens, is dedicated to delivering superior and outstanding products for the custom install market.

    Visit the Elite Prime Vision website.

Better Ideas

Better Ideas come from knowing the complimentary products needed to integrate your system into your environment the way you want. It also comes from knowing how to integrate those products to improve performance, reliability, aesthetics, or ease of operation. The products we have chosen to offer our clients are known for their innovation, reliability, performance, and ability to adapt to future needs.

  • Automation & Control

  • Control4 offers the ultimate home automation solution by making the products and systems you already have and use every day, work together.
    Visit the Control4 website.

  • Universal Remote Control offers premium home automation solutions for every purpose and every room. Their Home Theater Master Series features a full lineup of economically-priced remote controls that are designed for maximum flexibility and usefulness.
    Visit the Universal Remote Control website to learn more about the Universal Remote Control product line.

  • RadioRA 2 is a wireless total home control system. This energy-saving system gives you the ability to adjust the amount of daylight and electric light (using light controls and automated shades) as well as temperature in a single room or throughout your whole home. The system also turns off standby power to small appliances when they’re not in use.
    Visit the Lutron RadioRA 2 website to learn more about the RadioRA 2.

  • Networks

  • Pakedge offers exceptional products for any property. Are you networking responsibly? Click the link below to find out how Pakedge products can improve your networking experience!
    Visit the Pakedge website to learn more about the Pakedge product line.

  • Furniture and Accessories

  • VisionArt is the answer to one of today’s biggest interior design challenges. How do you put a flat-panel TV on the wall without sacrificing the decor you’ve worked so hard to achieve? Now you can totally conceal your flat-panel TV with a beautifully framed fine art print on a motorized canvas that rolls up when the TV is on, and back down when it’s off.
    Visit the VisionArt website to learn more about the VisionArt product line.

  • Over 100 years ago, Jasper Cabinet Company, known then as Schaaf & Schnaus, rose to national prominence through the superior manufacture of fine American furniture. Through the decades, Jasper Cabinet Company developed into one of the top furniture factories in the country because of its innovative and customized approach to accent furniture design. RowOne theater seating represents the highest quality and best value that Jasper has to offer. Visit the RowOne website to see all the styles and configurations.


  • Salamander Designs makes a remarkably versatile furniture series called the Synergy System. Based on a modular concept, it relies on your input, and permits you to integrate your ideas with theirs. At the Salamander web site, you actually design the combination of modules and features that are right for you, and your unique design is built by Salamander and then shipped to Home Entertainment.
    Visit the Salamander Designs website to learn more about the Salamander Synergy System.

  • Humberto Adrian has been building the finest cabinets for some of the most heralded high-end loudspeaker companies. Now, Humberto is combining his proven expertise and manufacturing techniques to produce a line of audio/video furnishings that embody the essence of elegance with function. These credenzas are specifically designed to enhance the Plasma, LCD, DLP and other flat style video displays, and yet, are versatile enough to complement all standard televisions as well. Our Metro-traditional styling and investment quality construction will blend perfectly with most sophisticated decors.
    Visit the Humberto Adrian website to learn more about the Humberto Adrian product line.

  • BDI media cabinets and TV stands merge innovative engineering and original design to seamlessly integrate today’s technology, making the home theater feel more like home.

    Visit the BDI website.

  • Headphones and Accessories

  • No matter what you expect from your headphones or headset: There is a Sennheiser for you, offering high-quality design and the legendary Sennheiser sound.

    Visit the Sennheiser Headphones website.

  • Power Protection and UPS Backups

  • AC Infinity Inc. is an American technology company focused on innovation in air movement and thermal management. The company was founded by acoustic engineers who strongly believe in working closely with customers to develop great products.

    Visit the AC Infinity website.

  • Panamax

    For over 30 years Panamax is the country’s pre-eminent designer and manufacturer of electronic and electrical protection, filtration and control products.

    Visit the Panamax website.

  • APC is a leading manufacturer of power management solutions for your home, business, or data center.

    Visit the APC website.

  • TV & Projector Mounts

  • Sanus Systems manufactures a broad variety of sleek, quality TV wall mounts, AV interior furnishings, speaker stands and accessories. Our high-test, acoustically superior creations are designed for style and engineered to perform.
    Visit the Sanus Systems website to learn more about the Sanus Systems product line.

  • Chief offers industry-leading projector mounts for ceiling installations and flush mount flat panel brackets that minimize installation time, simplify   maintenance and offer integrated security.

    Visit the Chief website.

  • The EPIC SKY STAR PANEL is a state of the art module star system that creates a nighttime starry effect. The system includes a proprietary LED light source that can generate special effects such as, summer nights, ocean surf and, tropical rain. It also includes ambient mood cove lighting, rain, shooting star, and meteor showers. GREAT FOR HOME THEATERS!

    Visit the Epic Sky website.