We can provide affordable solutions that allow clients to access their stored music and video (Apple TV, Blu-ray, Security cameras, etc.) and distribute that to any room, or the whole house via their home network. The accessing of content from anywhere in the home via your network is an approach we call “liquid media”. The media (music or video) itself is like a “liquid”, the network is the “plumbing”, and the TV’s and/or speakers in any given room are the “faucets”.


The most basic liquid media system is designed so the client can listen to music throughout the home and/or outdoors. The most capable liquid system is a one that allows all of the clients HD video sources to be sent to every TV independently (see Just Add Power diagram below). Whether it is simple system with Audio only, or distributed HDTV, we can design it to be controlled by a tablet or smart phone with a custom GUI interface for the ultimate in simplicity.

See our home automation page for products that allow you to control your entire home with a smart phone or tablet.

The fast growth of these types of products emphasizes why it’s so important to choose a company on the leading edge of AV and IT. Home Entertainment Inc. has over 38 years of AV experience and is a licensed Microsoft OEM Hardware Solutions Gold Partner. Check our list of Honors, Awards, and References



These days, many people have a vast amount of music stored on their computers. But typically, in order to hear it, you have to be at your computer. How do you listen to the music on your computer if you are in your kitchen, bathroom, or on your back patio, without adding speakers and a bunch of wiring?

Sonos Videos

The solution is simple with Sonos. Sonos is a multi-room music system that will allow you to access your computers music library (or your iPods) from any room in your house. It will also allow you to access music from internet radio stations and other music services like Pandora, Rhapsody and many more.

Simply add a Sonos zone player in any room in which you wanted unlimited access to your music options. Sonos zone players come in several options. You can add a zone player that has speakers and amplification already built-in (PLAY:3 & PLAY:5). Already have a favorite pair of speakers? You can add the Connected Amp zone player that has built-in amplification and use the speakers you already have. There is even a zone player that you can add to your existing home theater or stereo receiver (Connect). As long as one of the zone players or a zone bridge is hooked to your router, the rest of the zone players can operate wirelessly. It’s that simple.


Just Add Power’s HD/IP technology allows you to simultaneously send out a HDMI signal to one or more HDMI displays over a single Cat ”X” cable Ethernet infrastructure.


The flexibility, scope, and capability of everyday Ethernet Networks is brought to the world of AV distribution. This breakthrough HDMI over IP technology can be used to distribute HD digital content from multiple sources to practically any number of remote displays on a LAN. Sources can be rack centralized, decentralized or even a mixture of both. Cascading multiple Ethernet switches allows displays to be located far away from the source devices (many miles are possible), while sustaining consistent 1080p video and sound quality. Each device is installed using 1 piece of twisted pair cable.AV signals are transmitted digitally over the CAT5/6/7 cable. A third party home automation solution is needed for distributed remote control functionality. The first generation (1G) HD/IP Transmitters/Receivers use JPEG compression to fit the signal onto a 100BT Network with minimal impact on the image quality.


The second generation (2G & 2G+) HD/IP Transmitter/Receivers use a patented process to send a visually lossless video image across a 1000BT Network.